Freitag, 1. April 2016

Why Alaska??

A lot of the times I struggle explaining my german friends how different Alaska is from the lower 48 (Yes, I know America has 50 states, but I´m also excluding Hawaii, bcs you know it`s Hawaii!!). I get ask the questions "Did you choose Alaska?" and "Wouldn´t you rather spent your exchange in another state?" quite a lot. And I need to tell you, who want to do an exchange year and were thinking about crossing Alaska from your Wish-to-go states: "DON'T! You are excluding yourself from an amazing oppurtunity to live in the biggest and wildest state of the US, The last Frontier.

Comparing myself to other exchange students who went also to the US I had a very different exchange experience. I heard similiar stories around me from exchange students who lived in the lower 48. Of course everyone had their own unique year, but the basic stuff from the other states (grocery stores, roads, mentality, etc.) were pretty much the same.
I found a really accurate article describing some of the differences between Alaska and the lower 48. I wish that for every time a person asks me that question I could just show them the article. Well actually I'm writing this blog entry in the hope someone will read it and doesn't ask me this question.(It's not like I don't wanna answer them, but at that moment I either never seem to have a good answer to it and my 0815 answer is "Alaska is soo beautiful"...Well daaha of course it is, so are other states... Or I will talk way toooo much about how beautiful Alaska is and why everyone should go there. It's a real struggle!) 
As you can see I'm a really lazy person and even so lazy that I don't write about the differences myself, but send you guys to an article of a different website. So here you go:

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