Sonntag, 1. März 2015

Activities, school schedule

Hey guys,

today I wanna talk about my schedule. I'm already in the 2nd semester and my schedule had some changes:

1. Period: Yoga and Aerobics (instead of Guitar from 1st Semester) I like it, sometimes we do really sport, but most of the time we do Yoga. My favourite time are the last five minutes were you lay down and pretty much fall asleep.. Aehm I mean relax!

2. Period: Ceramics (American Government) I've done ceramics personally when I was younger and it is really fun. We also do pots on the wheel, what I've never done before.

3. Period: English (same) English is not comparable with the subject German in Germany. We do 20 minutes reading of a book our own choice and watching movies (most of them are really confusing) and do different units. We just learned how to write an Argumentation. Something I learned in Germany since 6th grade... but our teacher is super super nice like all the other teachers I have here. I mean literally really super friendly and talk about their personal life and care about you (not that the teachers in Germany don't care, but the relationship between student and teacher is quite different)

4. Period: Concert Choir (same) I love Choir and we have such an awesome teacher. We will have 3 concerts in this semester and I'm really looking forward to that

5. Period: Psychology (Drama) Is very interesting what we learn and yesterday we did a simulation where we listened to songs and wrote our emotional feeling to those songs (including the lion king song) and our homework this week is analyzing our sleep rythme

6. Period: Honors American History (same) We do this semester less simulations and more reading in the book about WW1 and I'm gonna write a test next week and of course because I'm an exchange student, I'm going to spent my free time reading 40 pages for this test!!
*if you didn't realized that was sarcasm and if you are an exchange student you probably got it 

I joined Yearbook this year. I wanted to join earlier, but the club was full and I was soo happy when I had the opportunity to do it and I love it. Creating and organizing a yearbook page is so much fun and they do it here with professional programmes like InDesign and Photoshop
I'm in Interact, what is a youth club from Rotary and they basically try to help people and do good stuff for the community
Another club is Sources of Strengths. It;s a club for Antibullying and Suizidprevention through students. The goal of SoS is to make the school a better and healthier place to learn and strengthen the school spirit.

I did at the beginning of the year Volleyball and during the Winter the school musical Xanadu, what was so much fun and an honor to play in.
During spring I wanna do another sport, probably Track and Field or Softball!

So yeah that is all I got :)

Have an awesome great day,

xoxo Selina

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