Mittwoch, 4. März 2015

When you go to Alaska and it's not cloudy...

...the chance exists you will see...

...not only the stars...

...but also the Northern lights also called Aurora Borealis!

That was on Sunday night at 10 PM.
Because Juneau is so cloudy all the time we don't get to see the Northern lights often
and when it happens you never exactly know if it's going to be a good night to see them
 or it could be 2 AM when they are out.

When the Aurora is out a bunch of people go and see them,
taking pictures (like me) or just starring and not getting
enough from the breathtaking view (Also me)

This picture and the two before were all one streak. 
It looked like a rainbow.. a green moving rainbow.

It was my 2nd time seeing them, but this time they were
defenitely stronger than last time

If the Aurora is strong enough you will see different colors.
You can see on the left corner a bit of red mixed in the green.

It will move, go lighter then again stronger the whole night
and it's just a wonderful spectacular to see

In the driveway of our house

See you next time Aurora Borealis <3 

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